Contests and Drawings at GRAVEL

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Contests and Drawings


By submitting an entry to any contest or drawing on this website, you agree to all conditions and restrictions set forth on pertaining to our contests and drawings. See our rules page.

Everyone who subscribes to receive updates about our online store or our products is automatically entered in our random drawings for either a spontaneous store credit or a product prize (for first subscription only, chances to win cannot be improved by unsubscribing and re-subscribing--in fact, that would be grounds for disqualification). Our random drawings are also randomly timed--we pretty much do a drawing when we get around to it. We also watch our social media and have a tendency to place frequently-sharing customers into random drawing pools, too. Oh, and we sometimes have other drawings from a pool of names of customers who have given us valuable feedback (positive or negative) about our store or our products.

Note: There are never shipping or handling charges to our customers associated with product prizes awarded. If an entity demands shipping or handling fees associated with a product prize award claiming to be us, that would be a false claim. Winners of such prizes will be contacted through social media, or by email, if the person has subscribed to the our emailing list. Prizes not claimed within seven days may be awarded to a "next" individual or not awarded at all, solely per our prerogatives.

We are always trying to think of new ways to reward our subscribers and customers. If you have a suggestion, we'd like to hear it. Be sure to check this page often for more opportunities to win!