About Gravel Chic

Welcome to GRAVEL/GravelChic, LLC

Step into a world where rustic charm and country style intertwine, where the warmth of a cozy home meets the allure of nostalgic fashions and heartfelt gifts. At Gravel, we celebrate the enchantment of country and cater to those who long for the simplicity and comforts of rural life.

Our Passion for the Countryside

As enthusiasts of country-style aesthetics, we constantly search out and offer a collection of home goods, clothing, accessories, and gifts to tickle the fancy of any country customer. From charming plaids to paisley prints, rose patterns and ditsy florals evoke memories of times past and timeless treasures.

Quality and Affordability 

At Gravel we're dedicated to offering quality, affordable clothing, accessories, pet items, and gifts that provide real utility and value without costing an arm and a leg.

Building a Community, One Affiliate at a Time

We invite creative individuals and makers to become an affiliate. Together, we hope to create a platform that fosters connections among rural people and businesses. Additionally, we aspire to guide city dwellers towards idyllic rural refuges, where they can find a moment of peace and a sigh's worth of fresh country air.

Become a Companion of Gravel

Join us on a journey into the heart of rural living. Whether you seek a warm coat for brisk winter walks, waterproof boots for muddy adventures, or sturdy leather gloves for serious work, we have the practical essentials that are indispensable to country life, along with a frilly curtain or floral tablecloth to add a touch of cheer and softness to a country cottage. 

Step forward in embracing with us all that is traditional, peaceful, and cheerful. Let's capture the essence of a bygone era while fitting seamlessly into our modern world. At Gravel, our aim is being intelligent yet easygoing, and we invite you to experience the charming, quirky, and uniquely humble spirit of country comforts.

About our Product Images

We do our best to portray a product as accurately as possible in our product images. That being said, at times we do edit images in an attempt to make features more clearly discernible, and differences in computer monitors can also give an impression of a color of a product being different than it actually is.

So, please, just keep in mind the colors of an image of an item may be somewhat different in real life than as depicted in the product listing; but, if we feel that our editing for image clarity has significantly changed the coloring, we will note that in the product description, although there is always a possibility a color could be "off" in real life vs. what is shown on any product image.

Questions? Comments?

We're always happy to hear from you, but kindly allow us 24 to 48 hours to respond.