Contributing Content

We need original country content for our online store.

You may contribute an uplifting country essay or poem, or a country-related photograph or illustration.

By submitting content for our consideration, you acknowledge and agree:

1. GRAVEL/GravelChic LLC is under no obligation to accept or publish anything you may submit. 

2. Depending upon the volume of submissions received, you may get no acknowledgment of your submission(s). Unless the website admins and/or promotions team decide to accept and utilize an item you have submitted, you may not hear back from us at all. If your submission is being considered for acceptance, you will be contacted within two weeks of your submission. Be sure to check your SPAM folder.

3. Whatever you choose to submit, you affirm your contribution is your own work and/or you have the creative rights over what you have submitted, not copying it or borrowing it from any other source.

4. GRAVEL is not to be held liable for any problems whatsoever which may arise for you or anyone else because of what you have submitted, whether or not your submissions are accepted and published by Gravel/GravelChic, LLC.

5. If GRAVEL accepts your creative contribution and utilizes it, you give permission for exclusive use (meaning this content will not be offered to any other individual, organization, business, or entity for publication or use) on its website or in any/all social media or promotions for the period of one year, after which full rights return entirely to you. In addition, after a period of one year, Gravel may continue using your creative contribution indefinitely unless specifically requested by you via email or letter to cease doing so.

6.GRAVEL will provide, in compensation to you for a creative submission accepted and displayed, any amount between 1 cent and $50.00 in store credit per any creative contribution(s), but only for those accepted and published/displayed. In some instances, where an image or essay, or helpful tip, proves exceptionally beneficial for use in promoting our store or enhancing our brand, Gravel retains the prerogative, solely at our own discretion, to provide additional compensation to the contributor--this might include additional store credit, merchandise gifts, or actual cash compensation. Gravel will NOT respond to demands from contributors for additional compensation beyond the basic compensation structure and will remove from its websites and promotions the image contribution or written contribution of any contributor who makes such demands, and may block a creative who displays contemptuousness or any level whatsoever of crass contentiousness and/or cantankerousness.

7. GRAVEL is not liable for the piracy or misuse of any creative contribution submitted by you which is committed by any individual, organization, company, or entity which seeks gain by use of the contribution without your or our permission. GRAVEL will not grant permission to any other entity to utilize your creative contribution generally speaking, but certainly not without notifying you first.

8. GRAVEL may identify in some creative contribution an opportunity to develop a product based on said contribution--if so, we will contact the contributor for permission and to discuss arrangements for possible shared investment and benefit. Gravel will NOT utilize any contributor's creative submission for use as a product without the contributor's permission and mutually beneficial compensation arrangements put in place prior to product development and release.

9. GRAVEL has no obligation to preserve the submissions of creative material in terms of storing the data of the creative contribution. Any sort of creative material submitted and not accepted by Gravel may be immediately deleted--any accepted contributions may or may not be retained after the period of one year following its submission to Gravel.

10. GRAVEL will gladly provide "by-lines" for written creative submissions and will add text to photos to provide photographer credit on all accepted and published/displayed creative contribution(s) if the author/photographer/illustrator makes that request at the time of submission or anytime after submission.

QUESTIONS...feel free to contact us.