Shareable Links Program: Terms and Conditions

Shareable Links Program: Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Terms and Conditions page for our Shareable Links Program. By participating in this program, you agree to abide by the following guidelines and policies. These terms ensure a fair and transparent process for all participants.

1. Program Participation

1.1 Eligibility: To participate in our Shareable Links Program, you must be a registered customer of our store and have received an authorized shareable link from us.

1.2 Registration: You must provide accurate and complete information during registration. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the program.

2. Commission Calculation

2.1 Commission Structure: Commissions are calculated based on the profit margin of the products sold through your shareable link. The specific commission rate may vary for different products and will be determined at the sole discretion of our store.

2.2 Sales Attribution: Commissions are attributed to the participant whose shareable link was used for the purchase. If multiple links are used, the commission will be awarded based on the last-click attribution model, meaning the link clicked last before the purchase will receive the commission.

2.3 Commission Payout: Commissions are accumulated and paid out once they reach a minimum threshold of $20. Payments are made on a monthly basis. You will be notified of the payout schedule and methods available for receiving your payments.

3. Promotional Methods

3.1 Approved Methods: You are encouraged to share your link through personal communications, social media, blogs, and other platforms where you have a genuine presence. All promotional activities must comply with the terms set forth in this agreement.

3.2 Prohibited Methods: The following promotional methods are strictly prohibited:

  • Spamming (sending unsolicited emails or messages).
  • Misrepresenting our products or brand.
  • Using misleading or false information to promote the link.
  • Engaging in any form of fraudulent activity to generate sales.

3.3 Brand Guidelines: When promoting your shareable link, you must adhere to our brand guidelines. This includes using approved logos, images, and promotional materials provided by us. Do not alter or modify any official materials.

4. Guidelines for Ethical Sharing

4.1 Transparency: Clearly disclose your participation in the Shareable Links Program when sharing your link. Let your audience know that you may earn a commission from their purchases.

4.2 Honesty: Provide accurate and honest information about our products. Do not make false claims or exaggerate the benefits of the products.

4.3 Respect: Respect the privacy and preferences of your audience. Avoid intrusive or aggressive marketing tactics.

5. Confidentiality and Privacy

5.1 User Information: We respect the privacy of all users. We will not disclose who has used your shareable link, the number of times it has been used, or specific sales details.

5.2 Data Protection: Your personal information and the information of those who use your link will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

6. Program Modifications

6.1 Changes to Terms: We reserve the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will be notified of any significant changes via email or through our website.

6.2 Program Termination: We reserve the right to terminate the Shareable Links Program at any time, with or without notice. In the event of termination, commissions earned up to the termination date will be paid out according to the standard payout schedule.

7. Legal and Tax Obligations

7.1 Income Reporting: At the end of each year, you will receive a summary report detailing the total amount of commissions earned. It is your responsibility to report this income to the relevant tax authorities.

7.2 Tax Responsibility: Any taxes due on the commissions earned through the Shareable Links Program are your responsibility. We are not liable for any tax obligations arising from your participation in the program.

8. Dispute Resolution

8.1 Resolution Process: Any disputes arising from your participation in the Shareable Links Program will be resolved through a formal process. Please contact our customer support team to initiate a dispute resolution.

8.2 Governing Law: These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction in which our store operates.

9. Contact Information

If you have any questions or need further information about the Shareable Links Program or these terms and conditions, please contact us at [contact email/phone number].

By participating in our Shareable Links Program, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by these terms and conditions.