Where'd That Item Go?

We constantly "whittle" our selection to try to make it more appealing to our customers; plus, sadly, even when an item is one of our favorites, sometimes a manufacturer ceases to make it or just runs out of stock. For that reason, we frequently "drop" items that don't seem to be getting much attention. Another reason we might eliminate an item from our store pages is due to negative feedback. We also rotate items into and out of our stock depending upon occasion or season. It's not unusual for us to go back and pick up a formerly offered item, especially if we get requests for it. We're also happy to try to find a particular item for you (for example, part of the reason this store was created was a family member could not find a horse sweatshirt she liked after combing through dozens of stores and pages of other websites). If you have something you can't find in mind, send us an email and describe what you are on the hunt for. If we can find it and stock it, (or create it and stock it), we will.