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Gravel Chic

Plushie Otter-Soothing Snuggle Critter for Infants with Music and Breathing Action

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Discover the perfect snuggle buddy for infants and young children. Our Plushie Otter is made from extra soft cotton faux fur fabric. This cuddle critter's soft belly moves up and down in rhythms similar to breathing, calming your baby or small child. The electronic components are easily removable, so you can wash the fabric parts in the washing machine. This "breathing" soft musical teddy bear toy offers your favorite little person such a sweet and soothing presence!

Features and Benefits:

  • Soft Faux Fur: Gentle on sensitive skin, providing a soothing touch.
  • Breathing Action: Rhythmic belly movement simulates breathing to calm and reassure your child.
  • Musical Feature: Up to 30 minutes of "breathing" movement, plus music with volume control.
  • Powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Care: Do NOT wash this item while the electronics are still inside! 

Electronic parts can be removed so the fabric part of the toy can be machine washed (gentle cycle, air dry--let fabrics dry completely before re-installing electronic parts).

The switch to activate the toy is on the bottom of the critter's foot.

If, after installing batteries and pressing the foot switch, the critter does not begin to "breathe," gently pat the tummy area. Sometimes the mechanism gets compressed in the process of shipping. Should your critter fail to come on after that, contact customer service.