We Want Your Feedback

We want to hear from you when you receive the item you ordered from us.

We want to know--what condition did your item arrive in? What did you think of the packaging?

Was the arrival time within the time limit we anticipated in our description?

Are you pleased with your product?

If you're not pleased with your product, what specifically is wrong with it? We hate to disappoint our customer, and we really hate to lose a customer, so give us a chance to make things right.

With all the package theft that goes on (especially during holiday seasons), it helps us not to fret (and we DO FRET) about whether you've gotten your package. Please, let us hear that you have received your package. When you get your item, please, kindly let us know you did.

Meaningful feedback (positive or negative) about the product and your ordering and receiving experience can earn you an entry in a random drawing for some nice prizes.

If a customer submits a photo of their product received and commentary of their satisfaction/dissatisfaction with that product ordered, this constitutes an additional entry. Entry in this "feedback loop" drawing is automatic, as each "segment" of feedback is received from a customer.

Now, there is just ONE "catch." By sending in feedback, you consent to display on our website of your first name and last name initial with all or part of comments quoted (HOWEVER, you may choose to OPT OUT of this display by mentioning in your feedback email, or in a separate email, you would prefer there be no display of your comments--otherwise acceptance of displaying comments is to be assumed by GRAVEL/GravelChic, LLC).