DOMESTIC SHIPPING--Shipping is typically included in the posted price of the item for US customers. With some large items, there may be an additional shipping cost--if so, it will show up as a notice in the product description. Please note, because shipping costs are not charged extra at the time of order, Gravel/Gravel Chic, LLC does not reimburse shipping costs for returns.

Customers sometimes receive their ordered items within as few as 7 to 15 days from date of order--but  30 to 40 days is the norm. Hiccups in supply chain may cause delays--we cannot guarantee shipping times and items ordered after 25 November may not arrive in time for Christmas. 

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING--We are able to offer some of our international customers free shipping, too. However, some countries have much higher shipping costs for us--if this is the case, an added charge clearly marked as additional shipping cost will appear on your invoice at checkout.

GIVE US A HOLLER--when you have received your item. We really appreciate your feedback on what you have ordered, too. To get a discount to apply to your next order, WRITE TO US and let us know your item has been delivered and what you think of it.

If your order does not arrive within 60 days from date of order, contact us.